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Landalucía, 7 - P.I. Júndiz 01015 Vitoria/Spain +34 945 290 010


No matter if standard technical solutions don't fit your needs.

We supply CUSTOM MULTI-TECNOLOGY (gas-hydraulics-pneumatics):

  • High-temperature gas springs (for injection moulding and casting)
  • High-frequency gas springs (for household appliances and electronics)
  • Counterbalance gas springs (for mining and oil-gas)
  • 4.0 smart gas springs (for factory automation)
  • Pneumatic springs (for sheet metal blanks cutting)

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Need more force in a compact size? Do you have high mould repair costs?

AZOLGAS CW-HT gas springs series up to 120ºC are ideal for replacing conventional springs in plastic injection moulds.

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Looking for most powerful and compact size gas springs? Short lifetime in high-frequency applications?

The AZOLGAS HF series is widely used in metal stamping for electronics components and household applicances.

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Contact us to select the technical solution that best suits your needs.

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